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Arndt's Happy Tails Poodles now offers a full range of quality pet products including: Dog Toys, Dog Beds, Puppy Specialty Items, Designer Dog Carriers and Dog Kennels. Call today for more info!

accentCockapoo Puppies

Designer Puppies Available Now!

Arndt's Happy Tails currently offers:

Maltipoo Puppies 
Yorkipoo Puppies 
Pomapoo Puppies 
Shizupoo Puppies 
Cockapoo Puppies 
Chiapoo Puppies

Click here to see some of our Available Puppies!


If you are interested in reserving a current puppy or placing a deposit on a planned litter, please call us at (717) 438-3682 or email us. Any puppy may be reserved with a non refundable deposit of $200 and for your convenience Arndt's Happy Tails now accepts Visa/MasterCard or Paypal. Puppies can be shipped to most major airports at a cost of $300. We also offer delivery of your puppy right to your doorstep!! As Always you are welcome to come to pick out and pick up your puppie and meet the parents.

Drive Time
Under 1 hour $75
1.5 hours $100 - $175
2 - 2.5 hours $200 - $325
3 - 4.5 hours $325 - $450

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